Route 365

We assist our customers with implementation of a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud solution via our implementation model Route 365

We call our implementation model
 Route 365.  This model covers the whole trip the company has to go through in connection with implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Route 365






Our implementation process consists of 6 steps

  • Scope
  • Fit/Gap
  • The agile process with Learn, Configure and Test
  • Go-Live
  • Operation
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

This process supports Microsoft's implementation model.

Our implementation model is built on a technological implementation model based on the following factors

  • Changes of procedures and business processes
  • Adapts technology to the company
  • Technology is the foundation for development of the company

Our process can

  • secure shorter implementation time
  • reduce implementation costs
  • achieve a faster Return of Investment 
  • minimize riscs in the project
  • increase the company's competitional advantages due to continous upgrade cycle.
  • securie a faster lead time with  phase divided implementation