Cloud Agillity's business partner Tabellae supplies the leading EDH-solution on the market for handling of incoming and outgoing business documents like invoices, order confirmations, credit notes, delivery notes etc in all formats. The advantages of Lasernet is among other things: 

Reduces riscs, time and expenses

Maintenance of documents is faster

Software + Best Practice = 
the best friend of your ERP-system

Document management has many traps, which can make both budget and time run wild, but if handled correctly, this can make the entire ERP-solution even better, whether it is Dynamics AX or 365 for Finance & Operations.

The standard software Lasernet reduces ressources and secures that companies meet present and future demands for correct receipt and delivery of business documents in a uniform and professional layout. The solution is easy to use and simplifies the maintenance of layout and document formats as well as handling documents like offers, orders and invoices. With standard software, designed for your purpose,  you need not code directly in your ERP-system.

Lasernet reduces the time it takes to create documents, which means that the ROI solution is extremely fast. With the Lasernet Connector all business logic in the ERP-system is maintained and the need to program in SSRS dissappears.

The software supports the entire document process from preparation of design to formatting and distribution. Lasernet is compatible with all ERP-systems, recommended by Microsoft and implemented at more than 2,500 companies worldwide.

We recommend the Best Practice package from Tabellae

The package includes: 

  • Implementation Best Practices from 500+ implementation projects 
  • 14 pre-defined document templates
  • Know-how about international formats, demands and possibilities.
  • Courses, learning and local support in more time zones.

You will get a ’Fast track’ for quick and  smoothly implementation with following advantages:

  • Quick integration
  • Documents will reach the Proof of Concept faster and the ERP-solution will go live within time and budget.
  • Complete and secure integration without coding - all business logic will remain in Dynamics 365 and your documents will therefore not be affected by updates. 
  • Cheaper ERP-implementations because of fewer costs for documents (up to 50% compared with coding in Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Up to 20 times faster maintenance and continous changes of documents according to SSRS in Dynamics.
  • Maintenance and updating of documents will get easier as you will be able to make even simple changes in document format, content, distribution form, design and layout.
  • Professional documents  that meet legal demands as well as demands from customers.
  • Supports receipt and conversion of all incoming electronic orders and invoices in eg OIOUBL, OIOXML, EDI, EDIFACT, EHF, Svefaktura, Finvoice og XML
  • Can handle barcodes and labels

Cloud Agility and Tabellae have comprehensive experience from a large number of customer projects all over Scandinavia. Our combined knowledge is your company's guarantee for success with document handling in Dynamics 365.


Companies with between 50-2000 employees. The more documents and the more international trade - the more value you get from Lasernet. Tabellae has the business knowledge within Production, Retail, Utility, Transport, Distribution, Service, Food, Medico, Organisations and Finance.

Meet Tabellae here

Cembrit - implementation and solution for Document Output Management from Tabellae

William Demant case - Better ERP Projects with Lasernet Output Management from Tabellae